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You bring me down

You bring me down Posted on July 1, 20172 Comments

You bring me down
To bring you up
The condition of who rules
Who is less in the attachment
Fidelity is your God
You should think about
How I’m going to steal your
I don’t fly a sign in front of luxury cars. Or anyone who can’t look me in the eye. I refuse money gifted from parents with children. They will need it, more than I do.
It’s a tax on my soul
And I don’t pay dividends
To robber barons
I don’t depend on your stare
Into your iPhone
The way you divert
Your attention
On Facebook
The one way conversation
Is demonic
I could shoot you
Out of your miserly
Example of pain
I play guitar
Outside of your
But I let you live
Within the chords I arrange
With the little critics
Cramming ideas into your head
These critters like you very much
You are so discombobulated
You make me realize
There is no hope
No love
No such thing as us
You bring me down into my soul
And the music plays second fiddle
To your evil wishes
On Friday nights
Ordering pizza
The delivery
Is always late
“You Bring Me Down” by Glen Still 2017


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