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Yesterday I saw a dove

Yesterday I saw a dove Posted on July 24, 201719 Comments

Yesterday I saw a dove, just sitting in th middle of 14th and O, while cars were swerving around it. I could tell it was injured, so I pulled over to check it out. His wing was broken and I knew it would only be matter of time before he was hit by a car. So, I move him off the road and call animal control to see if this is something they help with. They refer me to the wildlife rescue line. The answering service informs me that they would love to help this bird I’ve decided to care about, but work on a volunteer basis so I would need to wait for a phone call back, and bring him in myself once instructed where to take him.. I’m committed at this point. So I find a box and put this sweet dove inside and take him home. I put the box on the patio table and give him dog treats. Darin says “um, no” He finds and gives him birdseed, probably wiser. (I’m not a vet you guys). So I keep my phone on me waiting for the call to take this sweet little guy in and have him fixed up. I’m feeling like a pretty good person at this point, I’ve legit taken an hour out of my day to save a bird that no one would even think twice of. I’ve taken responsibility for him. I’m his savior. Maybe one day, when he is all fixed up and flying right, we’ll see each other somwhere and he’ll be like “that’s her, the reason I’m alive”. Well, anyway, my cat got out of the house and ate the shit out of him. Like, it was horrific because I had him trapped in this box full of birdseed and a couple of dog treats, so he couldn’t even try to get away if he wanted to. I found him in like 5 pieces strewn through out the yard. And I just want you all to know that that was the last time I ever try to do anything nice.


  1. Oh my God I’m driving so I didn’t read your whole post but there is a injured Hawk currently on the corner of 28th and d. And I’m going to Omaha so I can’t help it do you know who I should call???

    1. I just commented on yours, what a coincidence that we both found birds that need help. Try the wildlife rescue line, it’s what animal control transferred me too, but I’m sure you can just google it. I suggest you finish my post and be weary of cats

  2. Sorry for my LOL react, but this is some funny sad ish! I’ve been there before (rescuing birds), sans the mauling cat ending, though.

  3. Oh shit… Hilarious… I hate to admit bit I inadvertently skipped to the good part… Glad I kept with the story tho!

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