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Wish more people did these

Wish more people did these Posted on October 16, 20176 Comments

Wish more people did these…It’s fun to learn odd little things about my friends. 1. Favorite smells? Freshly mowed grass, gas 2. Last time you cried? Like two weeks ago 3. Favorite pizza? Pizza hut 4. Favorite flower: Sunflower 5. Favorite dog breed? Labs or Huskys 6. Untie your shoes when taking them off? No. 7. Roller coasters? Yes pleaseeee. 8. Favorite ice cream? Um mint chocolate chip 9. Favorite past time? Before I cared about everything so much. 10. Shorts or jeans? Leggings. 11. What are you listening to? The Fan 12. Favorite Color? Black. 13. Tattoos? Non yet 14. Piercing? 8 15. Color of hair? 50 shades of disaster 16. Color of eyes? Hazel 17. Favorite food to eat? Chili cheese fries 18. Favorite holiday? All from October to December 19. Night owl or morning person? Night owl 20. Favorite day of the week? Tuesday, because I get to see my niece 21. Do you have a nickname? “Tt” “bug” 22. Pictures on your wall? A lot 23. What makes you most proud? Being Lakins aunt 24. Favorite music? Eminem Come on… Someone do this with me. Let’s take a break from negativity & learn about each other. Copy and paste into your status and change my answers to yours.


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