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Why do I have “Wichita Lineman” stuck in my head

Why do I have “Wichita Lineman” stuck in my head Posted on March 23, 201728 Comments

Why do I have “Wichita Lineman” stuck in my head? I haven’t heard it in years, I haven’t talked on the phone in days, I didn’t watch the Wichita State/Kentucky game, and in the book I’m writing, I’m currently just outside Asheville, NC, doing some whitewater rafting. Get out of my head, Glen Campbell! You’re not being very gentle on my mind.


  1. Hah! I am not. Right now, I’m in more of a copse. So I should probably have “Bad Boys” stuck in my head. Which would also be good, considering the hero. Again, I say, “Hmmmmm…”

    1. This is absolutely true. Although now, I fear I’m going to have “Rhinestone Cowboy” stuck in my head. And that is NOT the kind of hero romance readers want. 😀

  2. Perhaps you’re still on the line? Or need you more than want you? I love Jimmy Webb’s lyrics.

    1. Maybe, Nancy. But I haven’t really seen any stories about that, either. It’s a shame, though. Alzheimer’s is a terrible, terrible disease. And it seems doubly cruel when it goes after people whose brains produced such beauty.

  3. It’s a beautiful song, to be sure, Leslie. Until I’ve been listening to it for hours and hours and hours… 🙂

  4. It happens that way. We lost my dad to Alzheimer’s, and when it picks up speed, it really goes fast. In a way, that’s good–there’s no reason for people to linger with that. But it’s so hard for the people who love them.

  5. Slightly off topic, but I met him once in a pt’s room at Ohio State. He was visiting an old friend who was very sick and they were alone in the room. He was staring out of the window at heavy rain when I entered the room. I didn’t see his face until later. I had been asked to place a large bore IV and get some blood from the pt(when it’s slow in the tragedy business, we help out the med-surg floor RNs with those things). The pt was a bit shaky and scared and Glen came over and held his other hand and wrist for support while I stuck and drew. We talked about what I was doing . I didn’t look up at him until I was done but my mind was on my work and I still didn’t catch on to who I was talking to, really. I just pegged him as a really nice friend of the pt who was interested in what I did. As I left the room, I turned back to answer a last question, and he thanked me for being so painless. I got my first good look at him and it clicked. Well,that, and the pt finally introduced him to me. Really nice, unassuming guy. His story now breaks my heart.

  6. Wow, Tom. I love it when you hear about celebrities being really decent people. I got that impression from him from the documentary I mentioned above, too–he helped out a lot of his fellow musicians when he started hitting it big. I hate Alzheimer’s. I hate anything that causes dementia. It’s just so cruel.

    1. Thanks, Lee Ann. But I’m only going to be there for one chapter, then it’s back to NYC. 🙂 I may hit you up in the future, though. That area is so gorgeous.

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