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Who wants to hear a FREAKY ASS STORY

Who wants to hear a FREAKY ASS STORY Posted on August 8, 2017Leave a comment

Who wants to hear a FREAKY ASS STORY? Just now I was looking at my snap chat to review pics from today and showed Roy a pic of Ethan. I hear his voice crack and he instantly teared up and said “Ethans senior year! His SENIOR year!” And of course that prompts me to start bawling!!! I quickly get out of my snap chat and go to Facebook to distract myself and Roy says “what are we going to do with our lives babe?” I’m crying looking down at my phone when out of no where a VERY LOUD lullaby starts playing. We looked at each other confused because where was it coming from?????!!! Then we realize the lullaby is coming from my phone and Roy grabs his to record!!!! I have no idea how it started if I was simply looking at the comments on my phone and do NOT have lullabies in my phone LOL! After it played it just stopped and we just stared at each other like WTF lmao. Roy said it’s a sign! If we have ever had a sign in our lives, this one is he loudest one EVER. OMG HAHAHA WHOA!!!! Omg seriously I’m still trying to figure out where it came from!!!

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