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When I have painful moments in my life

When I have painful moments in my life Posted on April 29, 20177 Comments

When I have painful moments in my life, two things bring me back to living a life of joy, and reconnected to the best in me: being in nature and music! After a super challenging moment I had today, that took me inside a dark tunnel of fear, I decided not to stay there. I learned that the best thing in these moments is not to keep struggling and rewinding the moment in my head, but distract myself. So I did it! Got out in nature and later had the privilege to listen to some unique and marvelous Cuban music! And just like that, I’m back! Life is wonderful and I choose to be with people and in places that bring the best in me! I always have a choice! #EnjoyTheRide


  1. Simone I have a similar life experience. Through self discovery and repetition we can put in place our “Soul Safety Nets” that protect us when we need them most.
    Thank you for such a creative reminder.
    I mean, who doesn’t love Cuban music and nature. Yes please.

  2. Lately, I’ve been using “shake it off” by taylor swift, which is a tad corny, but my body refuses and contraint and it dances. Love it!

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