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Well, here we are. I’m not getting much sleep tonight, and I imagine I am not alone.
Being a logical person, I never thought it would go this far. Surely the refusal to release tax returns, the refusal to divest business holdings, the increasing evidence that the whole election was tampered with by Russia, the inappropriate and poorly vetted Cabinet choices, the calls to foreign heads of state on unsecured lines, the incessant Tweets, the lingering lawsuits, SOMETHING would have prevented today from happening. Collectively, they are damning. And yet here we are. This country–and the world–are about to change in ways I am loath to think about. God save us all.


  1. In my nicer dreams, the CIA shows up at the inauguration and leads him away in cuffs. I have some more violent ones. I have never been this upset with any candidate in any election. I’m afraid he will change the landscape so drastically, in earth and in emotions, that we will not be able to repair the damage he does.

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