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Well Posted on June 3, 201727 Comments

Well, according to my research today (I wanted to find some forceful southern insults because my heroine is ready to verbally filet someone) and it seems I’ve been insulting ladies right and left.
Those from the southern US, please tell me that “Hon” doesn’t really mean the B word that rhymes with pitch, itch, ditch…
(Yes, I could just write the word, but what fun is there in that?)
I use “Hon” all the time.
ALL the time. Like several times today already.
I can just imagine all the “bless her heart” I’m getting in return.


  1. Bless her little heart…means I’d like to throttle her ass and a host of other “unsavory” things as you mentioned. Hon doesn’t mean all the ‘itches but it is sassy.

  2. Well, I’m relieved. Especially since I was in Atlanta a bit ago and my “hons” were flying all over the place.

  3. Texas–we don’t use “hon”, but might say, “Listen, sugar,…etc.” Same thing..we just don’t use Hon.

  4. Don’t forget the classic “Bless your heart” which could mean anything from kiss my grits to ain’t you sweet!

  5. I was born in Alabama and NC is home. Hon does not mean the other word for female dog. It is short for honey and is a term of endearment. “Ho” without the “N”,now that’s a different story.

  6. Hon, to me isn’t an insult. I was born and raised in mid to south Texas, and have been married and living in Georgia almost 20 years 😉

  7. Collette Cameron, I had this girl I used to work,with, blonde, sorta b$tchy, and too bubbly… ugh…. she would ” sweetie” everyone all the time, but sorta condescendingly . It was sooo annoying. I always wanted to slap the tar outta her….

  8. I’m from Canada, too… and I’m having lots of fun reading the comments. Plus, French is my mother tongue.

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