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Weekend was awesome

Weekend was awesome Posted on September 7, 20174 Comments

Weekend was awesome!
Despite nearly not going due to an acute back injury sustained while packing the night before my trip I am back home after spending five days off the grid camping with friends new and old in rural Western Virginia at Floyd Yoga Jam; it’s just what I needed. Having finished grad school just over a month ago I’ve been in a strange place mentally and emotionally as I wander through that transitional place between what was and what’s next. In recent years I’ve learned that’s also a good place to be in that it gives me the opportunity to be present and aware of what is arising; to be conscious of feelings, emotions, and self limiting beliefs. I’ve made strides for the better over the years through yoga practices, “practices” being the operative word since there is no such animal as a yoga perfect. What I really loved about this festival was the interaction between people who weren’t tied to the digital tether of email, phone calls, social media, and real life responsibilities. As the days went by I found myself slowing down and away from the trappings of the modern civilized world, gravitating towards the simplicity of living in a tent, phone turned off, morning coffee brewed on a camp stove, showers with a garden hose (thankfully they were warm), community meals cooked in a hastily procured iron skillet, and conversations under a shelter in the rain.
When David Millsap, Charles Lane, Candice Bryceland, and I arrived it was nearly dark and we were trying to link up with my dear friend Mary Richards and I asked quite loudly “Has anybody seen Mary Richard?” when our new friend Desiree Garcia, replied “Hey, I’m also looking for Mary.” So right then we stopped and decided to set up camp next to our fellow Mary searcher. Good call, we had a blast as adoptees in our new tribe. It was also great to meet Aidan Schwarz and Kathy Judd. I’m so grateful to Mary Richards for manipulating my spine and ribs back in place with her magical touch.
I’m already looking forward to my next Yoga Jam!


    1. Neve Grace Fletcher I have no good excuse, so I’ll just say it was great to hang out a bit and your Wonder Woman outfit and endless supply of glowsticks were amazing. I also enjoyed meeting your sister and Dad!

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