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We have a client seeking 50

We have a client seeking 50 Posted on July 4, 201710 Comments

We have a client seeking 50-100 photographers who would like a chance to have their artwork featured in a book series…
Looking at multiple niches and themes from architecture to portraits to animals to culinary to art to creative to landscape and more.
Serious inquiries only, email with your name, address, phone number, and access to view 2 of your best shots.


  1. Mckenzi Taylor Adrienne Angelo Wayne Wallace you all may be interesting in this. Andrea Adams-Miller is a friend and a great marketer.

  2. Sarah Cairncross well that’s bullshit for a start – you do more with an iphone than I ever could with my Sony wx500!

  3. Andrea Adams-Miller – Hannah Rose Gray is awesome! Check out her Facebook photography page at Hannah Rose Gray Photography.

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