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Want to see what’s new in theaters this weekend?

Want to see what’s new in theaters this weekend? Posted on October 18, 2017Leave a comment

Want to see what’s new in theaters this weekend?! Here’s a roundup of our reviews (with critics’ picks first, though that doesn’t mean the other films aren’t worthy):
ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL is a doc telling the story of the only bank indicted during the financial crisis, as a scapegoat for the big ones who actually DID do something wrong.…/abacus-small-enough-to-jail-82357…
MY COUSIN RACHEL is a moody Daphne du Maurier adaptation with phenomenal performances from Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin.…/the-chilling-my-cousin-rachel-har…
IT COMES AT NIGHT is a quiet psychological horror piece about surviving an invisible and unnatural threat.…/trey-edward-shultss-it-comes-at-n…
BEATRIZ AT DINNER is Mike White & Miguel Arteta’s sober comedy of manners and class with Salma Hayek and John Lithgow.
MEGAN LEAVEY tells the story of a female war hero who tries to adopt the combat dog who helped her get through the war.…/megan-leavey-follows-a-woman-and-…
CAMERA OBSCURA is a horror story about a cursed camera.
THE HERO is Sam Elliott being amazing but being in a bad story where he’s with a waaaaaaay too young woman.
THE HUNTER’S PRAYER is… Why did this movie get made?
Dear god, THE MUMMY returns.…/why-is-tom-cruise-even-in-the-mum…

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