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“URGENT Posted on April 15, 201736 Comments

“URGENT – HEY PRESS FRIENDS AND FRIENDS IN MEXICO — Our friend, Hugo Castro is missing. Hugo is a fierce defender of the human rights of migrants in Mexico. He was traveling with the Viacrusis Refugee Caravan but was separated from them. He was last seen / heard from on the highway between Mexico City and Puebla, near a large arch. His cell phone is dead and no one has had contact with him in almost 18 hours. We believe that he is in immediate danger. So far the police have refused to take a report because he has not been missing long enough. But WE KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG. Hugo needs our help now. If you are in Mexico, please call this number: 018007152000, and urge authorities to begin looking for Hugo because he is a human rights defender and this puts him at risk. If you have connections to press or media, please push this story out so we can have more people looking for Hugo. If you live in Mexico City or near Puebla and can drive that highway, please do so.” (Via Brooke Binkowski)


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  2. Julie Schwietert Collazo hablando ahorita. I get an electronic menu which transfers me to ‘more information about your complaint’–and no one answers. I will call around.

  3. Mar Castillo, Conde Pétatl, Nicholas Gilman, Lorena Jiménez, Max St Romain, David Lida, David Paul Agren, Marichuy Garduño, Issa Plancarte,

    1. Not sure – checked last night and hadn’t seen one yet. Original info above came via Brooke Binkowski.

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