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TMW, yes, That Moment When, just after your brother has dropped you off at the airport and you’ve stepped into line to deal with getting your boarding pass, the soft hiss of a word slithers to the front of your brain; a soft hiss accentuated by popping sounds, as if the fangs of the snake enjoying what might be a cruel diversion to your day, have sunk into your brain.
The word: Passssssport.
I immediately stepped out of line, flipped my phone open–no, I do not have a smart phone now, but it’s one of the first things I get when back in the states–dialed my brother, all while thinking, it has to be in my computer bag…of which it was. I hung up and took my next breath, after holding it for the duration of this torturous exercise.
I’m totally on top of stuff, but the last year has been a rough one for us, so this was almost the perfect exclamation point to it all. That said:
a) I would probably have made it back in time to have caught my flight, even if I had to go back and forth and
b) I don’t recommend you do this.
C) I’ve made it to Rome.


  1. Whew! I did that once — failed to locate my passport just before an international trip. Tore the house apart looking for it. Never found it. It’s awful!

    1. Ugh! THAT would be awful. It’s been such an odd year I hadn’t even thought of it until Right Then, getting in line. Thankfully, I know where it should be at all times when not in use, so it was where I expected it to be, but if it would not have been, I’d have been a mess.

  2. Glad you made it to Rome…had an unforgettable evening with you and Alessandra! Thanks so much!

    1. It was a truly fabulous evening, Therese! Wonderful to meet you…and hope you make it back here soon.

    1. I swear, for those few minutes I was pure panic mode, but was also immediately kicking into, “What do I need to do asap?” mode as well…particularly if I was going to need to head back to get my passport, Erika. Thankfully, I knew exactly where it should be…and it was.

  3. John Claude Smith good thing you knew where it was, and had the time to reach it! Others of my (cough) aquaintance like to get to the airport with no time to spare!

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