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THE SHOCK OF SOLAR CHANGE, The influx of solar change does affect us

THE SHOCK OF SOLAR CHANGE, The influx of solar change does affect us Posted on October 10, 201720 Comments
The influx of solar change does affect us. We can ask ourselves: where does change come from? Aside from the obvious effects of karma (action and response), how do we explain these quantum leaps of change, like the intense solar flare (and it’s CME) that we are about to experience?
As they say, “Coming events cast their shadow,” and we are now entering the edge of change, with more to come. “Round and round she goes; where she stops nobody knows.”
Speaking of “round and round, the carnival with its merry-go-round and 4H fair is in town this week. Margaret and I have been walking down to the fairgrounds around 6 AM each day to see the animals. The pigs are too much. Incredible. Very vocal and quick to let you know when they are not happy. And row after row of horses in stalls, each with their head hanging out to greet us. What incredible bulging wide-angle lenses they have for eyes. They must be able to see all around. And the cows, huge bulky bags of meat that are so very gentle. We say hello to them all and offer them mantras.
And as to the carnival (and fun), all my kids are coming today and tomorrow with grandkids in tow, kind of a gathering to celebrate Margaret’s birthday in June and my own this coming Tuesday, July 18th. I will be 76 years old, but still kicking and on no prescription drugs! The grandkids will want to see the animals at the fair, and so we shall. And now for the current solar flare.
They say that change is the one thing that never changes, but the degree of change does change, and that’s what (IMO) the solar flux and its variability is all about. I feel that the intensity of solar activity is connected to what degree and type of change we are each subjected to, internally. And we all get radiated equally. Strong solar activity, such as we are experiencing now, with the impending CME (Coronal Mass Emission) hitting Earth on July 16th represents a sharp shift in the intensity of change, especially as we are approaching solar minimum in the next year or so (11-year cycle). The Sun is usually quiet at this time, so this current very-long flare and resulting CME is all the more obvious. It interrupts our life to bring us change.
I know that it’s not just arbitrary, but it can seem arbitrary, when suddenly we are jerked out of whatever level of consciousness and life-focus we currently are living at and find ourselves either on an extensive sidebar or having to completely change our focus permanently. I believe this same change (that we all experience together) affects different folks differently. Intense solar change can be like that, at least in my experience.
And, with strong change like we have now, it’s usually the level of my life that I am aware of that changes. Like an internal elevator, the degree of change finds my consciousness (and especially my level of awareness) going up and down, sometimes into the higher stories, but just as often down into the basement. Not enough is understood (or written) about change and yet it is the most constant variable in the world.
Of course, solar change, as in sunlight, is a constant. It takes eight minutes and 20 seconds for the light of the sun to travel from the Sun to Earth. Particles like the solar wind, which blow day and night, take longer and massive events like coronal mass emissions (CMEs) require a day or two. And that’s where we find ourselves right now, in a time of fairly extreme solar flux.
The CME from yesterday’s very long solar flare (July 14th, 2017) should be rolling in later today, the 15th, but it is predicted that the bulk of the CME will impact Earth on Sunday the 16th, tomorrow.
Of course, these solar variations and emissions physically affect Earth’s radio transmission and radio reception, and sometimes even our power grids, but we can read about that anywhere. What is not written about much is the effect of these massive pulses of change on our consciousness, emotions, and states of mind, yet if we look, they obviously do.
Many folks find themselves just overwhelmed at these solar influx times, even to the point of having to go and lie down. Others have headaches and confusion that take days to clear up. And most of us find ourselves changing, despite ourselves, and sometimes at our very core. Plus, directions and purposes that were firm and linear yesterday can go into what seems like an endless loop today. What on earth can we do?
Well, we can’t stop the Sun from shining or even want to. That’s for sure. And, if the Sun wants to sometimes issue larger packets of change than the normal sunlight, we have to just take it. And to me, it seems like these quanta of change are very condensed and expand on contact with our consciousness, much like colored dye in water or one of those new mattresses in a box that suddenly fill the room. And we can never seem to get the toothpaste back into the tube. Change is a result that never changes.
These concentrated packets of change turn out to be everything from Pandora’s box to sometimes (so it seems) just what the doctor ordered, i.e. good, bad, and indifferent. At least that’s how I find CME change.
As for this current CME, so far, aside from being disturbing (which they all are), this injection of change (for me) is a little dark. I notice I am having dreams that are just shy of being nightmares, so that’s what I’m getting out of this, so far.
It does suggest that I should perhaps just relax more and roll with it this time, rather than stand up and fight the change (which never works). I should just be as accepting as I can. What it means for the whole world, I cannot tell you. I’m my own little thermometer out here in Michigan monitoring the winds of change on me.
It is particularly apparent to me as a writer, because the tone or vibe of my writing, which may have been stable for days or even weeks suddenly shifts and I can’t write like that anymore. The process of change adds a period and “end of story” mark to whatever I’ve been working on and that’s that. I just have to move on and start over. Endless beginnings is what life is like, but one end.
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  1. I had such a wonderful day yesterday. Went to a Tong Ren healing class only to find that there was a different facilitator. He approached the healing class differently but also with some of the same. I used the pointers he shared about chi flow and went to sleep last night filled with that focus. I had a great nights sleep and woke with much peace surrounding me. That will be my routine before sleep from now on. Just beautiful. Thank you for your wisdom Michael.

  2. It’s been really really hard for me and my youngest daughter and so many of my dear friends, one who took her life. I hope that we all see through this together and come out stronger than before. I have to hope, and have faith that this too shall pass. It’s been damn hard and seeming to get harder. My inner peace at night has usually saved me- but seems to get worse now. Actually I’ve found it very hard to find any peace of mind at all and it’s actually scared me really bad to my inner core and internal beliefs. I have many questions in my life that have no answers. But to look at my children and them feel my inner struggle isn’t something I’ve ever been or will be ok with. I seem to be really hard on myself lately too. Lots of emotional mood shifts. Lots of dangerous obstacles as well!? Again I have a question that has no answer- usually the sun always has brought me hope and now it’s the polar opposite. I’ve always been adaptable to change. And now change seems to being avoiding me!? How can we help ourselves and ultimately help our children through such unsure times? Thank u for making me feel so not alone and providing awareness…

  3. Beautiful post Michael … change sorely needed in these turbulent times.
    Thank you for serenading (mantras) the farm animals. For years I have addressed the Sun with this prayer … so many years, that I forgot where I learned it (Google reminded me it was from Ralph Blum’s Rune book). It suggests you address the sun in this fashion:
    The Gayatri (“Sun Prayer”)

    “You who are the source of all power,

    whose rays illuminate the world,

    illuminate also my heart

    so that it too can do your work”.

  4. Awesome post! I have noticed how my mood has elevated (positively) and I seem to be getting more accomplished, but my brain feels “overfull”.

  5. I am also going to try to relax more and roll will the changes. Thank you, Michael! Happy early birthday, and thank you for saying mantras for the cows!

  6. “Endless beginnings is what life is like, but one end.” WOW! What a powerful post! Tears welled as I read it. You are a lighthouse for me. Thank you Michael. <3

  7. My change downhill was a few days ago. Then, it have me a complete sense of peace and tranquility. Since then, small sparks of anxiety but the rest of the time it’s been very positive.

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