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So, I’ve been called for Jury Duty for the first time this Wednesday. I have no idea what to expect. Will they let me bring in my kindle, or at least my phone? Is it terrible that I am really hoping I don’t get picked to serve on an actual jury?


  1. I just served. Yes. Bring kindle. Bring phone. You can even bring laptop to write. Holler if you have any questions

  2. They do a screening process. They ask you questions. Just answer yes or no. Do not add anything to your answers unless they ask for clarification. Sometimes it’s a long wait and sometimes you are released early.

    1. Ugh, I’ve always thought it would be fun, but I’ve got a book releasing Friday and so much going on with that whole process!

  3. I have members of the family who are in law enforcement and Lawyers and in the Federal Government. So I was not chosen, but I was the 2nd to last to be questioned so I was there all day.

  4. I was on a jury a dozen years ago. I enjoyed it. Drug deal gone wrong resulting in a murder trial. We found him guilty and I had a police escort to my car after.

  5. It might depend on your state. Here, in Fort Wayne, we can’t bring a cell phone. I was told it had to be locked in my car, or don’t bring it. I called the night before and it was canceled. That has happened a few times.

  6. Yep. Wasn’t scared during the week long trial, but freaked out a little after getting escorted to my car on the last day. I naively asked why I was getting an escort. Policeman looked at me like I was nuts

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