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Shoot Posted on May 31, 201716 Comments

Shoot, I lost my dragon bible. It’s somewhere in my office, but where?! I wasn’t supposed to have a fifth book. Damn you voices in my head. Now I must find my notes because the only name I remember is the heroine’s. Deka. At least I hope that’s her name…lololol. And she’s a Silvergrace. A wild child with no filter and a total belief in her superiority. I have to say, I love writing these dragoness heroines. They are outrageous.


  1. Interesting, when an author hears voices in her head we get a new book. When the rest of us hear voices we meet the nice men in white coats.

  2. Don’t worry, I’ve got a lioness in edits getting ready for December… Stacey is gonna drag poor JF on an adventure.

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