Previous Article Next Article Recently I have been reading some post about age being just a number in a relationship

Recently I have been reading some post about age being just a number in a relationship

Recently I have been reading some post about age being just a number in a relationship Posted on March 19, 201730 Comments

Recently I have been reading some post about age being just a number in a relationship.
This is one experience …
Not long ago a guy started liking me. You know what I mean…He is younger than I am in age.
Few weeks later he asked me out fearfully. I told him point black that he is younger than me in age first, plus other reasons.
Dude didn’t give up.
Few weeks later, during working hours, I went out to pick up something from another branch office.It was very important. He called me and I hastily crossed the road to find out what he wanted.
“Hey, how are you today” I greeted
“Fine thank you. How was your night”
“Good” I replied
Silence. I waited for five seconds to know why he called. No response. His friends appeared from God knows where (three of them). They watched with keen interest
“James why did you call me naa”…(name was changed)
“Come closer” he said
“How closer” I replied already pissed that he is wasting my time. Its working time o not even lunch break.
His friends started laughing.
“Charge my phone for me”
Jeez! I ‘ve had enough. So this is why he called me? To charge his phone. This is the same person that comes to my office to charge his phone without my consent.
“James is this why you called me? don’t you know your way to my office?”
That instant,i just knew that he called me to show off to his friends and passerby that I am his girlfriend. Don’t ask me how I knew because I just know this things…yea I do. This incident got me thinking if age is really just a number.
In this situation is age just a number?


  1. You simply don’t like the girl dear.if you happen to fall in love with your junior,bet me you will never think of his age

  2. Ekezie been a while
    Well, age just a number, maturity differs. That’s his own life but there is another that gonna beat u hands down nd u forget d age. It’s all about d mind and maturity

  3. Well to be honest age plays a role in the life of a human being but exposure and experience can augment when their is age disparity. If the guy is the type that portrays the character of an amateur then you are right about the age requirements

  4. I’ve jst got this to say.. Maturity is in d mind nd not in d age,it only depends on ur own state ov mind,nd wat u want in ur partner. I’d dated sm guy who was 9yrs older,hey bliv me,d guy who comes about 3yrs behind me is a world far better than d first.

  5. age does nt matter in a relationship… but there is no such ting as luv does who luv….. luv for their own selfish interest….. prime

  6. So are you saying that age is just a number but when a teenager is involved, his is bound to act amateur?

    1. Hmmm. Exactly what he wanted me to do .Where will I even start. He’s way too young for me.I think experience and openess towards learning will help him. I don’t have to teach him.
      …and hey your opinion is just outside the box now
      I am not even considering him.
      …Just that due to the incident I had a different mindset concerning the age thing .Age matters somehow especially when the lady is older and a teenage guy who still acts like a baby is involved .

  7. ‘Exposure’. I like the way the word is used.
    Exactly the same thing with me.
    I was born and brought up in prison .
    (Under commanding and highly regulative parents)
    That denied me of many things . A lot of things, that even today my age mates still laugh at me when it comes to the issues of relationship with a girl. When my dad went abroad , I began to mingle with friends ‘exposure’ and there was a time they thought me how to toast a girl.
    Later they persuaded me to toast a girl I had told them that I loved.
    Guess….. I nearly fainted at her front .
    When I finished my sermon she smiled and asked me who thought me that. I told her no one and she said that I used words like someone who just crammed it. At my age.
    She said she would only agree if I say what comes into my mind instead of repeating what friends had thought me. Exposure contributes a lot.
    Though I will stop here.

  8. It’s individual differences, Some behaves childish even when they are older than you. Some young dudes teaches the older ones the way of life.

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