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Pu Luong Reatreat hotel

Pu Luong Reatreat hotel Posted on September 24, 201710 Comments

Countdown to Vietnam & Vietnam-Cambodia at 

Pu Luong Reatreat hotel at Vietnam Decouverte! These are not photo tours; they are Photo Workshops, with real and serious learning in a fun and fascinating way. Tricia Cronin and I have a deep passion for teaching. Clockwise from upper left: monk makes tea at the off-the-beaten-track pagoda we visit; vegan food in Hanoi; landmine survivor in Cambodia; at the US Ambassador’s residence in Hanoi with the gracious Clayton Bond; and a fashion show at Chula. Ngan Do Loven Ramos Amm Sam Del Valle Cortizas Diego Laura Fontan Pardo #smallgrouptravel #inspirationalexperience #connectthroughphotography


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