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One Houston City Councilman is sick and tired of the Red Cross’s many abuses

One Houston City Councilman is sick and tired of the Red Cross’s many abuses Posted on September 12, 2017Leave a comment

One Houston City Councilman is sick and tired of the Red Cross’s many abuses. Dave Martin blasted the non-profit organization in a meeting on Wednesday, calling it the “red loss” and urging contributors to the victims of Hurricane Harvey to send their money elsewhere. Given the behavior of the liberal-run organization over the past few years, Martin has legitimate concerns.
Although the Red Cross is known for its humanitarian and disaster aid service, the real cash comes from their blood drives. In fact, numbers estimate that the organization controls about one half of the nation’s blood supply. In 2013, NPR reported that $2 billion was garnered for the non-profit by selling blood.
The reason the group has been under fire is mainly due to their democrat-like tactics of lying and obstructing investigations. Although CEO Gail McGovern has repeatedly stated over the last few years that 91 percent of donations are distributed to victim relief efforts, after a congressional and NPR series of investigations, she has had to retract that statement and remove it from the website. (video)
In reality, the charity’s own financial statements confirmed that at least 26 cents of every dollar is channeled to “management and general” expenses. While backtracking, the organization said the claim wasn’t “as clear as it could have been and we are clarifying the language.” Moreover, the large amount of money spent on fundraising (about 17 cents of every dollar) isn’t enough to get the attention of watchdog groups that place that threshold at 35 percent.
During Sandy relief, Red Cross officials diverted relief funds to public relations. The organization also, according to top level aids working for the Red Cross, exaggerated the number of meals provided for victims. They essentially count the number of meals made and discount the 30 percent waste. The reality is that in any bloated organization, the waste and corruption increase.
In the Harvey relief efforts, there have been a number of specific complaints. One concerned a pilot’s efforts to bring a hot meal to the people sheltering at the airport.
“I was trying to bring 400 warm hamburgers to our hungry evacuees, who according to them did not need the food because they had “already had a sandwich.” Yes, they had one sandwich in 24 hours. They were desperate for a hot meal! The Red Cross proceeded to try and load the warm, ready-to-eat burgers into an ice chest.” – Lindsey Scott, Nederland, Texas
People had been living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pretzels at the airport (which wasn’t supposed to be a shelter), and since they had just been given a ration, the worker immediately confiscated and controlled the distribution.
Jolei Shipley, an attorney and Harvey volunteer who witnessed the dispute, told the Houston Press the pilot was with the disaster relief nonprofit Sky Hope Network. She witnessed the event and explained that she had seen other Red Cross volunteers “take over” relief efforts already established by locals.
The organization explained that yes, that did happen. The excuse they offered for immediately denying victims hot food was that “policies and procedures [were] in place solely to protect” people, and required that the food be iced immediately.
Additional complaints about understaffing and distribution denials were also brushed aside with double-talk. The fact remains that the state sponsored organization is really just a tool for making a few liberals rich.
The recent congressional investigation found that during the Haiti crisis, the group collected $500 million in donations, but spent nearly one quarter ($125 million) on internal expenses. They also said they completed 100 jobs and repaired 400 homes, but that was also false. They have refused to release records, but it has been confirmed that they only built six homes. The report released by Chuck Grassley last year showed gross violations by the charity, confirming Martin’s scathing remarks.
Grassley repeatedly asked for specific information that the organization simply refused to deliver. The Red Cross issued a statement that read, “at no point did the Red Cross refuse to provide requested information.”However, Grassley has said that NPR was correct when it reported that McGovern tried to kill the oversight investigation.
The executive staff of the Red Cross is staying in one of the most expensive hotel’s in Houston, Martin exclaimed. “Attached is a picture taken at 10:30pm Thursday night. Please don’t tell me the Red Cross is staying at Houston’s finest “5 star” Hotel, the St. Regis? Sad thing is I know they are staying there,” he added.
Martin begged people to send their money to other organizations that are actually doing the work on the ground. “Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money [donating to the Red Cross],” he said. “Give it to another cause,” he explained in the Wednesday meeting.
By calling the Red Cross the most “inept, unorganized organization I’ve ever experienced,” Martin seems about right.

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