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Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness Posted on November 17, 2016Leave a comment

Oh my goodness. These headphones are awesome. I have been wanting something like this for years but never really knew exactly what to look for until I ran across these. I always hated trying to use regular headphones or earbuds to listen to something while I was laying down and relaxing, or about to go to sleep. I’m also trying to learn a new language and being able to listen to the lessons as I’m about to fall asleep helps me retain more information, but the dang headphones are just too uncomfortable! But with these eBerry headphones, I relax just thinking about them! The headband material is super soft and comfortable yet holds the earpads in place where they need to be without being binding, and they are completely adjustable so you can move the stereo earpads wherever suits you best. The earpads are also removable so you can wash the headband as needed, simply throw it in the washer and dryer, reinsert the earpads and you’re good to go again! However, these are not Bluetooth and require a headphone jack in your device in order to use it. Honestly, these are just wonderful. I’m completely in love with them. #iggybooReview

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