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My review on the wireless ear phone Beats

My review on the wireless ear phone Beats Posted on June 17, 201730 Comments

My review on the wireless ear phone Beats.
Pros- quality of sound (when it worked)
Cons- the volume changer “cap” randomly fell off, volume randomly stops working in the middle of my workout , and now they won’t charge or turn on, way too expensive for this quality.
I prefer wireless because I do my Insanity and Body Beast workouts at the gym


  1. Krankz Audio wireless headphones! I had Beats for almost two years before I got Krankz….. Krankz are the way to go!

  2. Call Beats and they will replace them for free if they are broken. I just had to replace mine because they quit working and got a brand new pair for free and it only took two days. Their customer service is at least awesome lol

    1. I’m gonna get a free pair and go to a different company lmao sorry not sorry. You’re not the first person I bet!

  3. I don’t like mine either. I use them for weight training and when I’m on the rowing machine because my phone is too big to carry around. But when I’m on the elliptical or stair climber, I use a wired set of headphones that I got for $4. They are louder and the sound is better than the beats. #beatssuck

  4. They will send a replacement but sadly it’s a never ending cycle. I’m on my 3rd pair from them now

    1. One of their first versions but I’m never going back to the beats. Omg I’m so upset at how bad they are :/

  5. Hey Ericka Leigh Deneke I was at Walmart looking at them particular ones to buy, and your saying their no good? I won’t buy them if their junk?

    1. The ones I have seem to be very defective. I know some people who like them but I really want something that is going to last! Not impressed with the beats :/

  6. Ericka Leigh Deneke wow ! None what so ever ? I have 2 days off because I haven’t been feeling well and I don’t have it in me

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