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My next release is set for June 6th

My next release is set for June 6th Posted on May 30, 2017Leave a comment

My next release is set for June 6th – next week! – and it is one HOT romance! 😉
Here’s your first sneak peek into HEAT with the 1st short snippet…
“Firemen? Naked?”
Rikki stared at her friend, Cassie, her jaw open.
“Why not? You want to get more work as a photographer. And this’ll be way more fun than just snapping pictures of school kids and doing grad photos.”
“But shots for a calendar of naked firefighters?” Rikki’s cheeks blazed with heat. She had never even seen a naked man, let alone casually taken a picture of one.
“Okay, they won’t be totally naked. Just bare chests.” Cassie grinned. “Enough to show off their big muscles.”
“I don’t know. They’ll be taking off their clothes. I’ll be alone with them taking pictures. They might think that . . .” Rikki bit her lip. “I mean . . . maybe they’ll get ideas.”
“Not with the big ‘don’t touch’ sign you have hanging over your head. Honey, I’ve seen how you freeze out men.”
Passion as hot as fire is coming for Rikki…
HEAT – available June 6th:

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