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Like to read for free Posted on July 8, 2015Leave a comment

Like to read for free? Like to judge others? 🙂 The IDA Contest needs your help with judging. Receive PDF’s of 5 published shorts or novels within the next week or so. You have until the end of September to read and rate them. Very easy scoring system. No comments required. You simply apply a number to each entry.
If you would like to participate, send an email to with…
1) Subject line: Judging – First 3 categories by preference (example: Judging – Contemporary, Historical, Suspense)
Contest organizers will do their best to ensure your first choice of category. However, the number of judges needed is based on the number of entries in each category. As such, we cannot guarantee you will get your first choice or will be chosen to judge.
2) In the body of the email, please list:
Phone Number
All categories you are willing to judge (see below)
Whether you prefer to judge novels, shorts, or either
Whether or not you are willing to provide an Amazon review if one of your entries wins first place. (Just add: Yes Review or No Review to the email, please)
Please list your choice(s) of category below in numbered order of preference, 1 – 7. If you will not judge a category, do not include it on your list. For your convenience, here’s the List of Categories:
New Adult / Young Adult

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