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Last full day of our DIY writing retreat

Last full day of our DIY writing retreat Posted on June 30, 20176 Comments

Last full day of our DIY writing retreat. I get to a point in what I’m writing where I can’t remember the timeline, so I pull up my saved voicemails from my mom on my phone. I didn’t intend to save them, but as her dementia progressed, I realized these messages were a way to track her decline, to remember how she was at certain points along the way. And now that she can no longer talk, I am glad to have them, to be able to hear her voice.
Then I happened upon on this one from the fall of 2014 when her dementia was starting to affect her speech.
She doesn’t know that I’m writing about her and us (or maybe she does). I think she would be happy about it, and proud too. I’m not sure what she’s talking about in this voicemail … maybe something I wrote on here on facebook. But this feels like an important message for me to hear today. She’s been telling me she was proud of me my whole life. I just couldn’t/wouldn’t hear it because I was so angry at her.
But I hear it now.
Thanks, Mom.


  1. This made me cry – lost my mom last November and miss her . How I would love to hear her voice ❤️

    1. So sorry Cheryl M. Collins. I could not listen to but Barb has been a very good friend over the years. Awesome prayer warrior – maybe still is

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