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Jon Ross

Jon Ross Posted on June 24, 20176 Comments

Jon Ross, I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the 4th birthday I am spending without you. It still doesn’t (and will never) register to me that you are gone. And until my last breath, I will continue to call your cell phone on a weekly basis expecting you to answer. I miss you more than anything in the world and wish I could hug you, shoot some hoops with you and watch you throw your much-used Yankees hat across the room when the Jets/Nets/Yankees did something stupid one last time! To honor Jon, I ask that you do something nice for someone on our birthday tomorrow because that is what Jon was all about! He was the most selfless person I have ever known. Jon, I hope you eternally know that without you, I would not be the man I am. Keep shining on me, Jennifer Danielle Crumpton, Spencer Ross and your new niece, Skylar! I show her your picture all of the time and she smiles! I Love you J-Ro!! And finally, I have said it before: please hug someone you love today; or make that call that you keep meaning to make; tell the people around you that you love them! Life is sometimes painfully too short. Your last 4 words to me were: “I love you bro.” Your bro loves you too and misses you terribly.


  1. Like I often said to you and your two brothers.
    Included myself when I’d say, “Hope I’m not offending anyone. But there are four us, including myself at this table.
    While I love all of you equally, there is no question in my mind who is the nicest pe…

  2. The twins were equally adorable as toddlers, but you could see even then an extra layer of empathy and sensitivity to others in Jon — perhaps even more than is wise is a world that throws so many slings and arrows at even those lucky enough to have protective big brothers and super-nice Dad.
    Monday would have been my brother Luke’s 61st birthday. I so understand your feelings, Dave.

    Jon is in Heaven and he will Always be Your Family’s Guardian ANGEL !!

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