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Join for FREE Posted on May 24, 2017Leave a comment

Join for FREE!
Ground Floor Opportunity!
✨Details in the post!
PM me or Text/Call with any questions!
Kerri Boyle Samuelson
My Agent ID is 3179874004
Kerri Boyle Samuelson
#hercause is another HUGE reason to work with fibi & clo!
“fibi & clo has teamed up with domestic abuse shelters throughout the state of Texas to donate sandals, time and money. You would have to be there to witness it, but the power of a new pair of sandals really can make someone‚Äôs day absolutely incredible, especially if they have just lost everything.”
“Each shelter fibi & clo visits is unique in its own way, but they all shared a common thread; women helping fellow women. The care and compassion of the women working at the shelters is amazing. They give their hearts and souls to help women in need. In addition to the sandals, fibi & clo routinely helps by volunteering.”
Read all about fibi & clo’s Foundation
Her Cause:
#fibiandclo #hercause #sparklysandals #neverloseyoursparkle #livesparklywithkerri
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