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It’s high time

It’s high time Posted on January 7, 20171 Comment

It’s high time…. my male chauvinist society has termed us girls weaker than boys, yet has put the burdens of “Ghar ki Izzat” on our shoulders and have cut down our wings to fly high
Please awake and see, you have tamed down the females of our country by the shackles of ” sanskaar, izzat, dharam and so on” but have left the sons to roam free like wild animals….. waiting to hunt down girls, no matter what age they are. You have made sons of your country illiterate, you forgot to teach them sanskaar, izzat or anything. You have made them dogs hungry for lust…
Those bunch of illiterate wild boars roam around to snatch the so called izzat (which only you have forced upon the shoulders of your daughters and daughters in law).
Is a girl responsible for her molestation? Rape? Assaults? NO, Its you who still think that girls somehwere failed to learn the sanskaar. Yes, its you who still doesnt realize to teach their sons the sanskaar which you have been taughting the girls
It’s time to ask your sons the same questions- Where are you going? When are you coming back? You can’t go out in night!!
Knowing the friend circle your sons are with just the way you keep an eye on your daughter’s friend circle. Keeping an eye on your son’s phone just the way you keep an eye on your daughter’s phone!!
May be a little strict to your son can save a girl’s life. NO parent is ever going to believe that their son can go so wrong, but trust me.. men out their assaulting, groping, molesting and raping girls are sons of someone
P.S- I truly believe, not all the men out there are lust hungry dogs, but many are. The male youth of today is going to realize this only when they become father of a daughter…. please make this country safe for the daughter… you will become a father of 🙂
#SaveGirls #BengluruMassMolestation ‪#massmolestation‬ #MakeIndiaSafe #StopRapes

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  1. few months back, 11 month old baby girl was kidnapped while she was slept with her mother and raped. Laborers sleep in tents which doesnt have locks

    I feel pity for the family… and as usual the culprit is free roaming for another prey :/

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