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It&rsquo Posted on October 25, 201713 Comments

It’s flu season people!! Let’s keep our kids healthy!! If you have any questions about how to keep your family happy and healthy and flue free let me know!!


  1. A mixture of essential oils to make flue bombs! It works very well. I also diffuse it in the house and bring it to work!

  2. Big pharma saves lives. Without it people would still be dying from Polio, Type 1 Diabetes, Chicken Pox, and the Flu just to name a tiny portion of the illnesses and diseases eradicated by modern medicine.

    1. People are still dying from the diseases you mentioned and many more. If people want to go the route of big pharma that is their choice. I myself am a diabetic and have taken many medicines with harmful side effects and have also been known to cause se…

  3. Plant based health care is amazing! It has no side effects. It can be used to maintain health prevent disease help once people have diseases etc..
    I didn’t know that you Jamie Valentine Fessler were in to holistic healing.. I have been studying it and…

  4. I think pharma gets a bad wrap. The main reason some diseases have not be completely eradicated is because there are still humans who haven’t been vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated do not get the disease. You must have Type 2 diabetes because a person with Type 1 can not live with out using injectable insulin. It’s a death sentence without.

  5. Also, before antibiotics people died regularly from infections. Antibiotics are definitely over used today, but they also save lives.

  6. Yes it is amazing. I’m sorry if I started something with Holly it wasn’t my intention and I certainly don’t want to have a debate. I have studied EO.s and nutrition for a couple years now and what I have learned is amazing. There is so much more to lea…

  7. I use peppermint to help me burn the candle at both ends lol.. it’s amazing! I put some in the girls at work today and they were shocked at the “pick me up” it gave them in the afternoon!

  8. yeah I love peppermint oil. I also use eucalyptus, clary sage, marjoram, oregano, thyme, frankincense, etc… nightly ritual in an Epsom salt bath:) I have diffusers in all the kids bedrooms too. Makes such a difference with one of our kids that suffers with anxiety.

  9. I’m with Holly. I call shenanigans (otherwise known as BullShit). If you’re a Type 1 diabetic with a daily insulin injection and you… stop… taking that insulin… you die. Pretty much right away. And if you’re a Type 2, nobody should have given you…

  10. I want to be clear – oils are awesome. I use lavender and eucalyptus. Definitely call Sarah if you have interest! I just want people to not be confused – boosting your immune system isn’t the same as medicine, but it can be an important preventative step!

  11. Sarah Williams By the way, another thought – plant based health care has side effects. They are minimal at nominal doses. The problem is that people are … people. Nobody takes the nominal dose. Everyone says “vitamin C is good, let’s take a megadose!” and although Vitamin C megadoses are fine, many aren’t.

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