IRMA’S AFTERMATH AT KIRVAN’S SHANGRI Posted on September 12, 2017Leave a comment

IRMA’S AFTERMATH AT KIRVAN’S SHANGRI-LA: Since living in Florida since 1973, Hurricane Irma, by far, was the scariest hurricane we have ever faced. God bless everyone who is facing the devastation that this monster Hurricane Irma has caused ❤️❤️ We have 3 days of yard clean up and blessed that our home came through without damage. Three trees down, in our backyard, that John was able to chainsaw into manageable pieces so he can remove them. Piles of debris at the street in front of our house waiting for pick up, but not quite as bad as the tree damage Hurricane Matthew caused because we have spent thousands of dollars having trees removed from our yard thanks to Zac Stewart, owner of Stewart Tree Pro. Zac and his crew are awesome Still have a couple more days of raking and debris removal. Neighbor to south lost his huge oak tree that was blocking 8 houses on our street from exiting our street and the City of Port Orange already sent ACET, who they contracted for disaster cleanup that FEMA won’t do because we live on a privately owned street and
they sent about 5 men and trucks and heavy equipment and had the street unblocked in less than an hour. Thank you City of Port Orange for learning from Hurricane Matthew and stepping up and getting our street cleared the same day that Irma left our area!!!! Our neighbor still has to pay our favorite tree removal guy, Zac Stewart, and his crew, to remove the massive trunk from their yard. They lost more shingles from their roof which they finally have scheduled to have replaced on a couple of weeks from the damage they sustained from Hurricane Matthew. The wind here was scary and a tornado cut through Southport subdivision next to Spruce Creek Elementary school only blocks from our home. This is hearsay from FB and we have not had time to drive around and assess the damage. Our curfew was lifted at noon yesterday. We had tornado warnings for hours during Irma and Irma came through at night so we prayed a tree would not fall on our home or a tornado would not hit our home with us and our grand dogs, Hayleigh and Wiggles in it. Multiply our fear and minor cleanup by millions and this is what everyone in the path of Irma from the time its eye made landfall on Barbuda, destroying everything on that island to the fact that Irma is still blowing through Georgia and beyond, went through. And many those who left their homes cannot get back home because gas stations ⛽️ were closed or out of gas. Gas stations and stores are opening and there will be gas readily available soon. They will not let many Florida Keys residents back into the devastated Lower Keys either. Leaving during hurricanes is not easy either. Because we never really know the path a hurricane will take, one could actually evacuate to an area that might also be hit by the hurricane. Plus getting gas, sitting for hours in traffic and many people are sick or elderly or do not have transportation or friends and family or neighbors who can help them and are unable to travel. Volusia County emergency management has a website that people or their loved ones can sign up for special needs shelters and get transported there. Most of our shelters were at capacity. Our daughter, Colleen, an
assistant principal at Mainland High worked the shelter at Mainland. They served over 900 meals to about 300 people at that shelter. The governor of Georgia also declared his State under a state of emergency and Irma is christening them with wind and rain now! Irma was the most widespread hurricane Florida has experienced in modern times. Pray for all who will be suffering the effects of Irma and Harvey, some for years to come and for the emergency workers and all who are responsible for the clean up and our country because these two hurricanes are about to cost our country billions in relief and cleanup efforts. ❤️❤️

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