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In response to Richelle Gable’s list of top (underappreciated) villain songs

In response to Richelle Gable’s list of top (underappreciated) villain songs Posted on August 3, 20178 Comments

In response to Richelle Gable’s list of top (underappreciated) villain songs.
Let’s start with a definition. For me, a villain song must be sung BY the villain. A song about a villain doesn’t count, so sorry to classics like “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.” Ideally, the songs are gloating and over the top. The villain might be gleefully evil or they are convinced they’re truly the hero of the story, but most importantly they want you to know that they are the best. You can practically hear the evil laugh at the end…
But… since it’s a list about villains and evil and all that, the rules are made to be broken.
So, with no further ado, here are my top (underappreciated) villain songs.
31. A Little Priest: Sweeney Todd

There are other songs from Sweeney Todd that could easily fit in this list: Epiphany and My Friends both. But I have to go with A Little Priest. This duet between Mrs. Lovett and Todd is catchy as hell and ridiculously evil. Joyfully singing about cannibalism goes to show that a sense of fun is one of the most important facets of a good villain song.


  1. Well, for me, the lists only requirement was that the song be underappreciated, and therefore I’d narrow it down by my belief that it should be more appreciated, rather than more of a traditional villain song. You will see that I have stretched the definition quite a bit in some instances. But that’s what’s fun about this. We will, no doubt, have very different lists

  2. If anything, the word I stretched was “underappreciated.” I basically took that to mean any villain song that isn’t Be Prepared, Poor Unfortunate Souls, Gaston, or Mob Song (Kill the Beast)

  3. Really, you think The Mob Song isn’t underrated? I feel like I have to remind people of it all the time. It is actually one of the songs on my list.

  4. Hmm, I still do not feel that way. But also a reason for our lists to be different. Appreciation is a matter of perspective based on what you’ve personality witnessed. Also, it can be flimsy, because you could argue that just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it should be appreciated even moreso.

  5. I’ll admit that The Mob Song is super borderline, but I also heard it constantly as a kid so to me it was never overlooked or underappreciated.

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