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I simply do NOT like all the notifications coming onto my mobile

I simply do NOT like all the notifications coming onto my mobile Posted on February 11, 201733 Comments

I simply do NOT like all the notifications coming onto my mobile. So I’ve turned most of them off.
Still there is Facebook and though I’ve turned those off too, the app still shows me the number of notifications. 🙁 I’ve now logged out of the Facebook app and it STILL shows new notifications. How can that be?
So I tried to de-install Facebook from my phone & I can’t! Crazy!
So I have now deactivated the FB app & I’m still obviously logged out. Let’s see if FB still tries to disturb me on my mobile! 😀
Looks like I need a digital detox, right? hahaha


  1. I have removed the Facebook app a couple of months ago and I love it! Longer battery life, no (useless) notifications and you can perfectly visit the website via your browser. Best of all no data is being shared anymore 🙂

    If you use Chrome you can even check a box in the settings to say “show desktop version” so you can see the normal site and access all options as normal.

  2. When FB still sends you notifications though you are logged out, you can imagine what else they suck out of your phone.
    It should really be up to each phone owner, what apps to use or not and what they do. 🙁

  3. I have ALL notifications for everything turned off. I don’t get notifications at all from FB…. when I open the app I refresh the page and then I see if there is anything new that I would otherwise be notified about.

  4. Melvin Boecher I think it’s scared of me. I cursed it out and then it stopped breaking balls with notifications. LOL Did you go into the settings in the app to turn off in app notifications? What about the Notifications option in the smartphone setting?

  5. Yes, I did it in the app. It doesn’t directly post notifications on the phone then, but it still shows the number of missed notifications on the app symbol. That still annoys me. So now I have deactivated the app in the phone settings. That seems to work. 🙂

  6. Melvin Boecher let me know if deactivating notifications it in the phone settings also works. 🙂 I deactivated ALL notifications.

  7. Thanks for mentioning this. I’m still very prudent with my smartphone (mostly because it costs so much) but I don’t need these other problems. I can’t even get rid of screaming Twitter notifications on my PC! If someone as experienced as you are has problems, I’m doomed and will take baby steps. All those who think life is so easy and safe on Internet may be in for some surprises one day. I’m noticing more and more aggressive tracking and spam based on what I type (not search just type!). Very scary frankly.

    1. I have never done that. Can you do stuff like that with it? I guess so, I mean it’s called a smartphone, right? I should consider this. 🙂

  8. Working from home I’ve always wondered what it would be like to talk to people during the day. The answer has been staring at me all this time! Mind. Blown.

  9. Weird. My app is activated (using it now), but I don’t get ANY notifications. Are you using an iPhone or something different? I’m using an iPhone

    1. I’ve done that years ago & still the amount of notifications get shown. You can only turn off that they pop up on the phone.

  10. I’m still logged-out of the FB app and disabled it on the phone. Still FB shows me the amount of missed notifications!!! WTF?

  11. What I mean with notifications is the number (red/white), which shows you the missed notifications/messages. They do not pop-up anymore, but still they get shown. Right now I don’t want to get anything from FB on my phone anymore.

    1. Thanks. I’ve set those up for specific times. But during the “office” hours, I do not mind the one or other notification. Now I’ve completely turned off the FB in the Android settings and it keeps quite. 🙂 Though in between it still showed the numbers of missed notifications. Crazy.

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