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I love Navy Medicine

I love Navy Medicine Posted on April 15, 201724 Comments

I love Navy Medicine!!!
Doc: “Chief” you don’t look like our Navy “Chiefs”.
Me: Uhmmm like a Master Chief? Cause I’m a Chief Warrant Officer JFYSA.
Doc: Oh yeah Chief Warrant Officer, that’s what I meant. Not a Master Chief.
Me: Uhmm ok I didn’t know there was a certain look.
Doc: Yeah you’re different you’re super young and in shape. Do you workout?
Me: Ummm I workout every once in awhile and I’m almost 40.
Doc: Oh wow. (Priceless)
(I started laughing out loud)
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  1. haha workout once in a while… I’m sure ;p I do think one of those immunizations slowed aging though… which is nice, except the part where 18 yo keep hitting on you. That gets awkward quick ;p lol

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