Previous Article Next Article I hear some CRABS IN A BUCKET are carrying on via FACEBOOK regarding Cynthia Bailey receiving the key to the city

I hear some CRABS IN A BUCKET are carrying on via FACEBOOK regarding Cynthia Bailey receiving the key to the city

I hear some CRABS IN A BUCKET are carrying on via FACEBOOK regarding Cynthia Bailey receiving the key to the city Posted on May 26, 201785 Comments

I hear some CRABS IN A BUCKET are carrying on via FACEBOOK regarding Cynthia Bailey receiving the key to the city. Not even realizing they are hurting the city more than helping, they decide to be the coons they truly are and exemplify further why people like MYSELF who succeed decide to wash our hands with our city. BUT HERE’S THE THING! It won’t stop! We will continue to inspire kids there who otherwise can’t afford to get to events that allow them to reach their goals. Y’all picked the right one! Next event is September 24!
STAY MAD AND STAY STUCK! And this is my LAST MESSAGE addressing you lowlifes who aren’t doing anything yet complain about everything. You make me ITCH!


  1. Don’t even address people that have no relevance….those same people probably never even registered to vote and probably still posting about rompers #latefolks

  2. Bro thanks for bringing Cynthia to Opelousas and I apologize for not making it there. The smiles I saw on the models face was awesome and your turnout was one of the biggest events I saw here in a long time.. please continue doing great things for Opelousas and know that I am a proud supporter of you doing it again..

    1. Thanks, Fam. I appreciate that! I understand your busy schedule. I’ll keep you posted on the details of the next one. Thanks again Dustin!

  3. I commend you for everything you continue doing for OUR CITY! I just told Ashley Payne how impressed I was seeing Cynthia take a picture with everyone of the contestants. Not every celebrity will take the time to do that. Again thank you! You did an amazing job. You didn’t only touch Opelousas but you also had many people who traveled to participate in your event. Although I’m sure they were very happy to have Cynthia Bailey’s present but the main reason was for these young people to do something they loved and have someone believe in them. Many people don’t think about the whole picture of how something so positive is so great.

  4. I know you lying… you can’t introduce some people to quality. Keep doing what you doing and show’em how it’s done. I was busy with my boys during your recent visit but let me know what and how I can help in September..

    Got my blood Berlin’ (boiling)

  5. Yea that was so unnecessary! I love that this was something positive for the community. She’s such a beautiful individual inside and out ❤️

  6. There are always negative people who hate on the next that’s doing more than them!! Ignore the hate!!! YOU put together something sooo great and positive and you should be more than proud of yourself!!! That’s exactly what they are crabs in a bucket!!!

  7. Keep doing what you’re doing! It was great to see something positive being done for the youth in Opelousas! People get on fb and complain but never take an initiative to act on doing anything! Keep it going and continue to be a positive influence!!

  8. I’m not there anymore, but I definitely commend you for doing such an awesome thing!! One of the main problems a lot of youth in “low-income” areas experience is not being able to make it to the state or place of opportunity! And you brought it to them!!!! Congrats again!!! May GOD keep blessing you to bless others!!!

  9. The Louisiana Model Search was awesome!!!! We had a great time helping with your event and seeing all the smiles on everyone’s face was outstanding!!! Many people got opportunities they thought they would never get!!! They may have not won, but with the people there, they got exposure!! Keep pushing and doing great things! I’ll be there to help out on SEPTEMBER 24th!!!!

  10. I don’t understand why anyone would be mad. The way I see it you made it out a small minded place and made yourself successful. Instead of turning your back on little ol Opelousas and never looking back, you brought back what you picked up to share with your city. Who knows that model search could have inspired a child or someone to follow there dreams. Maybe that event was just what someone needed to get their career going. I feel that both you and Cynthia could have picked a bigger city anywhere else if y’all wanted too. She could have laughed in your face when you mentioned doing a model search in little Opelousas, but y’all did what y’all had to do and it happened. I don’t see anything negative about it. No y’all didn’t give thousands of dollars to the city, no y’all didn’t build a school or a center, but it was still something positive. It’s a start. Some people just are not happy unless they are the ones getting the glory. Keep up the good work. I’m sure there are more great things to come from you.

  11. Proud you put on for our city. I would’ve been there and signed up my girls had we been in town. You had my support and prayers. Always will. Keep it up love!

  12. Positive Vibes love. Positive vibes. Keep going. Keep striving. Keep being great. Keep affording opportunities for the young people of Opelousas. Those people talking negatively will NOT affect what you are doing. Your vision is COVERED. Cynthia did not have to come to Opelousas, considering her platform. But she did, and for that she deserves recognition, and a prestigious one at that. I remember having BIG dreams of becoming a VJ for 106 & Park at 14 years old and had to figure my way out of Opelousas to pursue my dreams. I’m not on screen talent, but my journey working behind the scenes and in music marketing/promotions has placed me with incredible people, artists & companies in music , television , and entertainment. I’m extremely blessed, but I wonder where my career would be now had I had someone bring the opportunity to me instead of me trying to “figure it out” on my own….. F them.

  13. Cheering you on for doing something awesome for our city. You didnt have to do it but you did ,and that speaks volumes. You also did something “they cant do”. There’s always those type of ” oh it was good,but not good enough” people . this was a very positive and good thing. It kills me to see the mentality of some people. The smiles of the participants and their parents were awesome and y’all brought out a crowd! Ignore the hate my brother and keep being awesome!

  14. I was very happy to see my family there representing in the model search! Very encouraging for Opelousas.

  15. U making big moves and doing great things for not just urself but for others so just remember ppl will always have something to say whether u doing good or bad!! U know ur worth and what u striving to do take that negativity and use it to only make ur projects grow bigger and bigger to really give them something to talk about!! Don’t give up on ur dreams because others are stuck with. It having any!

  16. Ms. Delores & Mr. Ronald have done a phenomenal job on teaching you the core values of leadership brother. I couldn’t be more proud from what I witnessed when you transitioned from a young boy to a successful man. Keep grinding Carlton ‘Mr. Couture’ Morton!!!!

    1. Yes sir. Years ago, my family saw how hard both of your parents worked growing up when your dad was hustling in degree plus Louisiana heat in August just to make sure you and your brothers were well taken care of. You’re carrying that torch like the road runner, and the haters are the Coyote. I don’t think I’ll see that Anvil ever dropping on your head anytime soon bro!

  17. I’m sooo proud man. People with no lives and no accomplishments will always have something stupid to say. Keep pressing forward and show them what real greatness is!!!

  18. Proud of what you are doing…that’s just negative people trying to find anything to be upset about…keep doing are doing amazing things and inspiring so many people including myself

  19. What you did this past weekend was admirable. You’ve paved a path for yourself and selflessly returned opportunities to our hometown. You’re a hero and have afforded aspiring models of all ages a glimpse of a potential career.

    The Bible speaks of your enemies becoming your footstools. Start stepping because the hate is real.

    There’s no stopping. Get on board or get lost losers.

    Proud to call you brother.

  20. There will always be haters. All they do is find fault with those who make things happen. They can’t stop you. Congrats and continue to do you. I am really proud of you. Don’t be distracted by negativity. Stay on the high road.

  21. You did and you’re still doing what so many people don’t have enough courage to do. I’m proud of you cousin and so are countless others. Love you!

  22. I’m very PROUD OF YOU Carlton ‘Mr. Couture’ Morton our city needs HOPE!! Thank you!! Continue to give back, our kids are our future…this really gave slot of young girls inspiration && drive!! Thank you and Ms Bailey again!!

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