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I have accepted the Kozist 7

I have accepted the Kozist 7 Posted on March 26, 2017Leave a comment

I have accepted the Kozist 7-day challenge, and today I ValYou
Fred Griffin
One of the best reasons to become a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association is that you so often meet colleagues from across the country, many of whom become life long friends, even though contact is occasional—maybe only twice a year at meetings, with occasional phone calls or emails. But the years go on, two meetings a year with many meetings, lunches and dinners.
I met you Fred over dinner years ago through our mutual friend Harvey Rich. We have gotten to know each through meetings, phone calls, and one memorable visit to Dallas to speak at your institute. It is your genuine warmth, thoughtfulness, and integrity as a person, an analyst, family man, that I have so admired and ValYoued. Yet beyond that you have been willing and able to take many risks in your career to insure its meaning over the course of a successful and very respected career.
I believe your recent book, Creative Listening and the Psychoanalytic Process, might be the culmination of those risks, your years of experience, and wish to always learn and contribute to our “impossible profession.” Whether it was leaving Dallas for Montana, Montana to Birmingham, and back to Dallas, the Writers Workshop in D.C., or various positions locally and in APsaA, your passion and commitment to our profession has been an influence and model for so many—patients, students, mentees and colleagues, including me.
On a more personal note, a particular memory will always stand out. The night before it was announced that I had won the APsaA election for president, as I was walking to meet you and a group of friends for dinner at Avra, I was approached by a friend who quietly informed me I had won. However, I could not let anyone know until the next morning. You and I sat at one end of the noisy table and I anxiously suppressed my news. It was. not easy as so many at that dinner had worked so hard to help me get elected. Finally, as the conversation moved toward the other end of the table, I turned to you and very quietly shared the news. I will never forget that smile on your face, and your putting your arm around me with congratulations even though we both had to be so quiet about it! That was a gift, Fred, and I am forever grateful, and your friendship. Thank you.
Warm regards, Mark

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