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I have accepted the Kozist 7

I have accepted the Kozist 7 Posted on March 16, 2017Leave a comment

I have accepted the Kozist 7-day challenge, and today I ValYou:
Jonathan House
I have known you, Jonathan, as a colleague in the American Psychoanalytic Association for many years. We have been on the same side of serious change in our association and our profession during those years, and more recently have seen some of those changes come to fruition. You were a serious supporter when I ran for president, and never let up in pushing me to make changes happen, especially making APsaA’s Board of Directors (BOD) more representative and responsive to the membership. Although we still have much to do–the challenges facing psychoanalysis and its future remain formidable–I look forward to our keeping things moving.
To be honest, Jonathan (and anyone who knows you will know of what I am writing), you have, at times, been impossible, and driven me a bit crazy—pushing me to make sure that changes and process emerged from the BOD, and not from a small group of the leadership attempting to foist their views as a small group, onto the larger membership. You have always represented what is right and democratic in an organization, learned from your years of organizing a medical residents union. A top down approach for many years in APsaA may have done more harm to our field than any of the challenges from outside the profession.
While APsaA president I cannot recall one meeting of the our BOD (except in San Francisco, 2015) where you were not sitting at one of the front tables, and usually to my left, of course 😉 !, where I kept finding myself looking at you during critical discussions and votes and wondering, “Oh geez, what is Jonathan thinking?” Or, at other times when you marched up to a microphone, and eloquently made a point that every member of our BOD needed to consider, and do so seriously. Your actuarial views of our patient and membership numbers and our aging membership, remain blazed in my mind whenever discussion about the future of our field occurs.
For those moments, for that clear presence that you have in a large group, and for your commitment and passion about our profession, I am grateful to have worked with you, and for you as a fellow APsaA member. And for that I have this opportunity to ValYou in this Kozist challenge.
Thank you and see you at our next Board Meeting in Austin, where final implementation of those changes will be made. Warm regards, Mark

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