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I had a meeting with a PhD holding colleague today

I had a meeting with a PhD holding colleague today Posted on March 29, 201726 Comments

I had a meeting with a PhD holding colleague today.
We were setting an agenda for an upcoming meeting and some of her speakers just had names while others had “Dr” so and so. I asked her whether or not she wanted the agenda to reflect the honorifics.
She stopped and looked at me and said, “The what?”
I said, “The honorifics.”
She said, “What’s that?”
I pointed to Dr. on the agenda and said, “The ‘Dr’ classifications.”
She said, “Did you make that word up?
I said, “No.”
She said, “I feel like you’re making that word up.”
I had to pull out my phone to show her the definition of the word.
I’m giving major side eye to her for thinking that I just randomly make up words. I mean, it’s just insulting. Doesn’t she know I’m a certified wordologist?!?!?


    1. Higher Education Leadership…which is even more strange. Out of everyone, I’d think someone at that level would know. Intellectuals have no reservations about showcasing their brilliance.

  1. This happens at least monthly. What was it last time? Ah YES tangentially…I think if you are not familiar with the word it’s one thing but don’t tell the person using it that it’s not a word..

  2. Yeah. She’s accuses you, twice basically. I get not knowing all words or mishearing, but she heard you. And this word is self-explanatory! At least someone in your office reads!! This is why my books are using moreelaborate words, because clearly even our superiors need help! I think I should add this word in my WIP. My heroine can use it in one of the boardroom scenes.

    1. I hold one but didn’t know the word. I think given the context, I could have figured it out right off the bat, though!

  3. OHHH! No, I take back my other comments. If that’s what her phd is in, she should totally know this!!!

  4. Lololol. She totally should know. And we work in higher ed so they are alllllllll about their glorious titles.

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