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I had a great time out at the grand re

I had a great time out at the grand re Posted on June 8, 20172 Comments

I had a great time out at the grand re-opening of the classic Geneva Theater in downtown Lake Geneva yesterday. I talked to so many cool people until the wee hours of the night that my throat is cashed today, I can barely croak out my name.
This theater was built in 1928, it has it’s own stage for plays & live bands, the seats are ALL brand new, the screens are all brand new, killer soundsystem, 4K projection system, amazing old building, clean bathrooms (the AMC Theatres should take a cue from this. In Los Angeles the bathrooms of their chain were DISGUSTING), I mean, this is a great place to catch a movie on your vacation after your day at the beach.
For me, the highlight was Dieter Sturm’s new LASERFUSION show which was a visually spectacular, super modern laser light show that really catches your attention. He’s going to be doing more with his laser shows at the theater and after our hang out at the opening where I got to meet his whole team, the band of merry pirates started brainstorming on what we can do with the lasers for the American Horrors Film Festival this October 27th & 28th.
The owner of the theater & his manager are true film fans. They really knocked it out of the park on this re-opening & saved a vital landmark theater. Kudos Guys!
Today, my throat is totally cashed out, so I won’t be doing any talking on the phone to anyone for at least one more day.
Good times people… Good Times…


  1. It was great getting a chance to hang out and chat Hart! Looking forward to many more nights like that.

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