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Huge shout out my buddy Pat Flynn

Huge shout out my buddy Pat Flynn Posted on July 4, 201723 Comments

Huge shout out my buddy Pat Flynn – like many of you I have always loved Pat the podcaster, the keynote speaker and the author. Pat & I have circled lots of the same conferences and always say Hi and hugged BUT we seriously connected on so many levels at #SMDaySD – Not only he was my wingman and held my phone for 30 mins when I being interviewed at 6:15 am in the morning, he also challenged me at Hula Hoop (it’s quite the workout) and was up for doing a fun impromptu photo shoot -we took a #ShitTon of fun pics together – the one of us jumping is my fav!
What I love most about Pat is his unwavering focus of being AWESOME in ALL he commits to – when he shared with me how he prepares as a keynote speaker I was mesmerized but not surprised – Pat crushed it on stage and made such an impact on the whole audience. I have so much respect for Pat…if you don’t know him you definitely want to connect with him. He’s one of the good guys who is making this world a happier place.


  1. Sue It’s awesome to connect at the next level with someone. We do see a lot of speakers at the same events and are social but digging into real conversation and becoming friends is fantastic.

  2. I had Pat on my podcast years ago and he was so genuine and kind! We chatted for awhile and he first told me his coxswain story because my daughter was a rower. He’s an amazing guy and Sue SO ARE YOU! I remember meeting you at Tori’s event and you’re a beautiful soul.

  3. Love you both. And your clothes are totally coordinating!

    Excited to share the stage with Pat in Australia this month!!!

    Miss you Sue!

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