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 The ancient noble of a village embroidered more and more lively in Van Lam (Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu). To Van Lam, visitors will see the temple of the embroidered profession. On the stone pillar of the temple, there are two parallel sentences: "The art of the posterior.
Praying to see his father’s past to treat the cultural truth: to build a temple to credit the ancient people to teach the next life. Keeping the profession is a noble beauty. In order to preserve the tradition and development in the integration period, the authorities of Ninh Hai Commune, Van Lam village have established enterprises, 14 development associations, trade associations and conferment of titles. for artisans in the village.
This is the culture of the village. Products are very soulful, satisfying consumer demand. Coming to Van Lam, visitors caught up with "Workers and Tradeers", containing pictures of the worker Van Lam.
Houseworkers are the advantage of the embroiderer. When waiting for the boat, waiting for customers, they can still make products, preserve the skill and also a form of brand promotion. Workers are also the place to cover the rain, cover their sun. Cho Choi, a place to sell order. Taking advantage of free time, the sellers returned with the needle pointing. Van Lam is a traditional village embroidered through many lifetimes and became the "kingdom of embroidery".

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