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How is that we have decided that the individual is the enemy

How is that we have decided that the individual is the enemy Posted on September 11, 2017Leave a comment

How is that we have decided that the individual is the enemy? Why do we hate the person who stands up for their beliefs if they are different than ours? Why do we yell and scream acceptance and sameness as the answer and yet instead of everything getting better things are getting worse as we become more and more the same?
We preach tolerance and yet we have no tolerance for anyone who feels or thinks differently than us! We want equal rights but we don’t actually make sure that the rights are equal! We claim racism and hate are destroying us when in reality I think it is the demand for us all to be the same that is destroying us! We have zero tolerance for individuality when it comes to anyone who has a different opinion than us!
I grew up with sheep, I loved them. When I was young we had a lot of them and then wool prices plummeted and the incentives stopped and it was no longer economical to raise them. People think sheep are dumb but they aren’t! A sheep by itself is actually really smart, it is when it is within the flock that it becomes dumb! A sheep on its own will defend its young and fight unto death but a sheep in a flock will huddle together and do nothing while the young and outliers are attacked and drug off. That is what we have become as a nation, a bunch of sheep in a flock!
Here is the thing my friends, while we might be acting like sheep, we are NOT sheep and we don’t have to act like a bunch of sheep in a flock! We sit on our asses and we accept what the media shoves down our throats and we whine and complain about EVERYTHING! We bury our heads and we pretend that what we hear and see is ok and we rationalize that losing the outliers is acceptable. We do not have to act like sheep and yet we are too lazy to actually act any other way!
In our politically correcticized world we have given up all our individuality in exchange for some alleged acceptance and instead of making us stronger it has made us a bunch of vulnerable, unidentifiable sheep! We run in circles and we bleat and make a bunch of noise and we get stuck and can’t get ourselves out of it! And for what? How are we in a better place? Forcing acceptance and sameness has only made us more vulnerable and unable to defend ourselves!
If you have ever watched a racehorse run, one that really loves it, every fiber in his body is straining to get ahead! He is willing to give his very life in order to cross the finish line first! That is a good thing friends! Competition, differences, striving to be better, individuality, they are not the enemy! It is our uniqueness that makes us strong! It is being an individual that makes us better! Being different makes us fight harder, being the same makes us weak and vulnerable. We should not fear differences what we should be afraid of is being all the same!
You do not have to live your life full of hate and anger! But you also should not desire to live your life as a sheep in a flock being forced into a corner with your head to the ground! We are a great nation that was built on uniqueness and individuality! We need to get back to that! We need to remember how to fight for our nation! We need to be the mighty racehorse and not the sheep in the middle of the flock!
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