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Hello Friends: Would You Like To See Me While I’m In Los Angeles Sept 24th

Hello Friends: Would You Like To See Me While I’m In Los Angeles Sept 24th Posted on August 2, 201718 Comments

Hello Friends: Would You Like To See Me While I’m In Los Angeles Sept 24th?
A few of my friends would like to see me while I’m in Los Angeles for my best friends wedding Sept 22nd to the 24th. Unfortunately I won’t have time to see everyone when I’m in town because everyone is so spread out all over So Cal. So they suggested we have a get together on Sunday Sept 24th after 4pm, because that is the only way I can see multiple friends before driving back to Sacramento Monday morning.
I can only meet/hang out on Sept 24th because I have wedding events going on the 22nd, 23rd & on the 24th till early afternoon so I will be available around 4pm.
Please let me know if your interest so we can see about how many people would want to meet up. Also we are looking for suggestions on where we could meet depending on how many people again want to come???
*** If there are a lot of my LA friends interested in meeting up then we will start a FB event page & try to find a location.
I didn’t see most of my LA friends before moving to Sacramento a year ago so this is a good time to see everyone.
God Bless. Truly your friend Jerry O’Brien *P.S. My Mom will be staying at my house for a month to visit with my pup Freedom & I, so she will be at my house during the time I am in Los Angeles for the wedding & to visit friends. Freedom will be staying at my house with my mom during this time & not coming to LA with me.


    1. I don’t know my friend. Thats why I asked if anyone had any ideas for a meeting place. But that is “depending on how many people want to meet”. Love you. Engracia Figueroa said she wants to meet & maybe help with planning.

    1. You crack me up Rich. I know a lot of people in Miss you and Sounds like that might work cause I only expect a handful of real friends to show up. Thanks my friend.

    1. Yeah, now lets see how many show up,lol. At least I will get to see a few really good friends while in LA for my best friends wedding.

  1. weddings are fun but hectic. it will be nice for you to see your other friends. my friend’s daughter did this when she was just in town for a few days and had so many people to see, and it worked out great.

  2. Candy Harrington I know my friends wedding willl most likely be hectic as most weddings are. They have planned it so well. I am in the wedding too so I am so worried about how I look & screwing something up,lol.. Its the first time best friends have asked me to be in their wedding so I am honored and scared.

  3. hello, yes sir, thank you for the invite! i would so love to meet you for the very first time! please keep me updated and i hope to see you next month!

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