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HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOU Posted on August 2, 201737 Comments

HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOU, JAY. i’m mad i dont have more pics of us together but it’s whatever, man. Dont feel like putting into words how much this lame dude means to me, but i love you, bro. i love how you wrinkle your forehead in every pic you take. i love how you have a higher vocal range than me (nah, i actually hate that). i love that you have a caring heart. i could go on, but i love that you’re my brother, and no one can take that away….and that last line totally sounds like something mom would say but i got it from somewhere‍♂️♥️. you’re gonna wake up before me….so when you read this, just know i’m coming for you today. You dont know what im gonna do, but be catious⚠️. I would insert a bunch of our inside jokes on here but i aint doing it….love you#stanislavski


  1. Today is my poopies birthday I can’t believe you are 22 years old today well I have you have grown I am so very proud of you I wish Mom and Dad was here to see you right now they would be so proud of you too you have grown into a very handsome young ma…

  2. Dear Jailen Carpenter u are my best friend I’m so glad is your 22 birthday u make me laugh and smile u are so funny u make me laugh so hard sometimes I’m glad you’re my friend from your friend kaylie

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