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Hanoi beauty spots

Hanoi beauty spots Posted on November 20, 2017Leave a comment
The park inside the campus has a large lake, with a teardrop-like oval strip. It is also the source of the name Thu Le, meaning holding the tear inside. Located on the territory of Thu Le village, an ancient village dating back to the Ly dynasty with the legend of Linh Lan and Voi Phuc Temple, this is not only a place of entertainment for the people but a historical relic of the piece. millennial land of civilization.
The first thing to mention is that it will be the zoo with different areas. Situated on a strip of land near the lake is the reptile with niches suitable for the life of species such as snakes, pythons, and crocodiles. Bird enclosure along the entrance to Voi Phuc Temple with the presence of colorful painters, storks, crane, crane … in this Hanoi beauty spots, visitors will be harmonious with the birds with clear sound of the miracle.
You will not only enjoy the miniature animal world full of fun but also enjoy the natural change season by year. The park helps balance the ecology as a green lung of the city with green grass, colorful flowers and shady trees.

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