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Friends Posted on May 6, 201730 Comments

Friends, I am thinking about getting a portable speaker for my phone. I have a Samsung S7, which I am very happy with. I am totally lost here as far as speakers. If anyone has a suggestion for a decent speaker at a reasonable cost, please let me know. I am on a very limited budget.


  1. Depends on what you need it for. They’re pretty affordable these days but the cheaper ones are sometimes only left speaker or don’t have as much volume.

  2. I’d say just make sure it plays both channels (left and right or sometimes you miss things). Not a big room. You should be fine not paying a lot of money. You can test some at the bigger stores. I got a cheapie on line. It’s unfortunately only left side but the sound is good and it gets loud enough.

  3. Depends on how much you want to spend 🙂 I got a cheap one on Amazon that works fine.
    This one is under $30 (10W), but for $100 (over 20W) you get a bigger version of the same. Then they have bose, or if you don’t like bose there are tons to choose from, but it all depends on if you are a music afficinado or music snob or just want to hear music like me 🙂 oh and rated pretty well on cnet if that matters.…/dp/B010OYASRG/ref=sr_1_2…

  4. ok… if bookshelf is too large you are more than likely looking at the all in one box system as mentioned in a prior link

  5. Mark I. Chester…. I use this vintage style telephone receiver which plugs into my I-phone. You can speak and listen just like we did in the last century and you don’t have to worry about radiation from using the unit. You can even hang up using a button on the receiver. Most people are not aware these are made and they are under 30.

  6. Well my BF did the review and recommended it. For $30 it is not bad. If I used it more I would probably get the $100-ish one

    1. keep in mind this one can go to the beach or camping or sketch class and run for 12 hours on its own battery no wires.

  7. More than “cute”…. quite practical and you can actually hear the person far clearer and you keep the radiation away from your ear.

  8. Well either one is WAY WAY beyond my limit. But it is still nice to know for the future. 🙂

  9. I was lucky and had a gift card that covered the bulk of it. I’m sure you can get a solid speaker for less!

  10. My advice is go to Best Buy and try them out. They have lots of different ones in all price ranges. Also, in my experience if you can swing $50, it will be a much better sound than $30. Good luck!

    1. I did go to Best Buy and the prices start at $50, jump to $100 and then keep going up. Too few possibilities and too expensive. There might be more in their web store though.

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