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Friends Posted on May 2, 201714 Comments

Friends, since November 9th, no matter where I go, I always have a watercolor journal, a few brushes and small paint set with me. Instead of reaching for my phone or iPad, I reach for color–chaos and order of my own making. Let me know if you take up this VERY EASY, very healing and very joyful practice. You will not regret a moment of it.


  1. I used to knit when stress got to me. But my arthitis is so bad now. And I am not creative it all. And I cannot concentrate to read an entire book with all of these crazy politics going on…I must find healthy to do before I go completely mad…..

    1. Sounds like a really good time to start to meditate. When I realized that I, too, was too scattered to even read (!!), I realized I needed to re-friend my brain and spend at least a set ten minutes of the day focused on something other than the noise of politics and protest. My breath was a perfect choice.:-)

  2. Right you are! I’ll be 56 next week, never studied art (CPA then rabbi and writer), and then, 1 year ago, I found myself having to deal with some serious issues. It was suggested I try painting:

  3. Thanks to you, when we finished our package of Joya Jelly Rings this Pesach I looked at the plastic holding and immediately put in in my art bag. Yes, I now have a special bag for paint and pencils. All your fault!

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