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Do you like being right

Do you like being right Posted on September 12, 2017Leave a comment

Do you like being right? Come on, let’s actually be honest, at least with yourself! Everyone wants to be right in what they say and believe and do! If you didn’t, why would you even bother living?!
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be right, with wanting to do things right. It is an admirable quality and if used correctly grows us into being a harder worker and a better person! It most often takes more effort to do things right, to be right, to do the right thing. The right thing is definitely the road less traveled in todays world and therefore a bit overgrown! It takes continued diligence and effort to stay on it.
The problem with most of us is that we want to be right at the expense of others. We want to be right even though we are wrong. We want to be right but we go about being right in the wrong way. And, and some of us are just flat out wrong but screaming at the top of our lungs or posting continuously trying to convince ourselves and the masses that we are right!
As I have tried to step back and look at my life and my actions I have determined that more I have to defend myself or my actions, the more wrong I am. Whoa! Read that again! The more you or I have to defend ourself or our actions or position, the greater the chance that you or I am actually wrong and NOT right! I know that is not an easy truth but it is most often the truth!
Think about it. If you are truly right, what is there to defend? Why argue what is fact? If the sky is blue, it’s blue, there is nothing to argue about, it is fact! The people who argue that point are wrong! See that, the ones who are wrong are the ones trying to prove themselves or prove their point the loudest and most! That doesn’t make them right, it only makes them exasperating and annoying!
Several years ago I had screwed up in making a very poor decision. Now there were parts of it that I was right in but the way I handled it was all wrong. I fought and I argued and I got all mad and I spent all my days talking about and arguing about and defending my side of the story trying to garner support! I told and retold and manipulated and garnished and exaggerated and made sure that all I focused on was the wrong done to me and not the parts that I had screwed up on.
You see, in the very beginning I was wrong and then when the other person was wrong I refused to accept that I had been wrong first. I fought and many, many thousands of dollars and sleepless nights later, I lost! It was one of the stupidest stands I have ever made in my life and I made it because I refused to accept that I had any fault in the matter and laid all the blame on the other person! I was wrong at the foundation so it didn’t really matter how much truth was on top of it, my foundation was flawed and broken and wrong!
If you are fighting a battle to prove you are right, STOP! You are just proving that you are wrong! Those who are right don’t have to fight! Right is right and wrong is wrong and it doesn’t matter how much you try and manipulate and exaggerate your desired rightness, it doesn’t make you right!
We bring so much misery into our lives by desiring to be right and refusing to accept that we are wrong and it is no ones fault but our own! Want to be happy and more peaceful, admit you are wrong and move on! Stop arguing that the sky is not blue and get over it! The harder you have to prove you are right, the more you are proving you are wrong! When you die it won’t matter if you were right or wrong, you will still be dead!
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