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Developer of the DECADE

Developer of the DECADE Posted on June 25, 20179 Comments

Developer of the DECADE!
In Feb last year Mike Ingall came to Knightsbridge to speak about how he’s regenerated entire districts and cities. It was an opportunity to examine the vision and determination that has brought Mike and his team such huge success and seen Mike crowned Developer of the Decade.
I just found a 10 min recording on my phone. I was sat front row and as the stories poured out I reached for my phone and started to record what I was hearing…
Buildings bought for £12m, spent £38m and sold for over £100m – obviously profitable stuff but also bringing jobs and life to abandoned areas. 4,000,000 sqft developments worth £1.5bn.
It was an amazing presentation not least of all bc Mike has overcome a speech impediment and talks in front of 100s of ppl! What a legend.
If someone can tell me how to get this voice memo off my phone and onto facebook, tomorrow morning I’ll post the link in the comments below and you can listen to 10 of the most fascinating minutes ever at PPN Knightsbridge. Tag yourself in!
Next event July 11th…/book-your-ticket/


  1. Thanks Tiffany! Any ideas how I get the voice memo off the phone and on here???
    Maybe I should post a Dropbox link to the file?

  2. Thanks so much Matt, brilliant. One thing I took from that extract was above the returns/scheme design and everything else was the story he creates for each scheme and the separation of following what everyone else is doing. Very humble and driven guy!

  3. Daniel – his presentation started…

    “I’ve never lost money on a deal. There have been deals where I’ve not made as much as expected but I’ve never lost money.
    I won’t build a bar I won’t drink in, a hotel I won’t stay in, an apartment I wouldn’t live in” and from then on everyone was totally captivated!

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