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Dear Paul Ryan

Dear Paul Ryan Posted on March 14, 2017Leave a comment

Dear Paul Ryan
By Jaqueline Jules
After you’ve carried out your promises
to the American people,
I hope you’ll come to the chemo clinic with me.
Wait in my seat—rigid blue plastic,
stainless steel frame, comforting
as the flicker of fluorescent tubes
from the popcorn ceiling.
Notice how the legs of your chair
wobble on uneven green tile
while you listen
on a dying cell phone
to a bean counter at Blue Cross
explain why you don’t deserve
the drug your doctor prescribed.
Feel the bones
up and down your spine
burst into flames.
Then you can come home with me.
Sip canned soup at my table,
littered with pre-existing bills
for care no longer covered.
And you can tell me again
why you are so pleased
to be the face of the political party
which proclaims all life is precious
(no matter how tiny) as long
as no taxes are raised to protect it.

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