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CELL Posted on May 23, 2017Leave a comment

CELL — 2016 Film, Dvd — 3 Stars
I am a huge zombie fan, and whatever versions of zombie apocalypse (or crazy love story) Hollywood and Independent cinema have coughed up, I have seen it! When I read the descriptions that a mysterious cell phone signal turns New Englanders into savage killers – Ooh, zombicell! – I had to see it.
John Cusack partnered with heavy hitter like Samuel Jackson with a giant cast ensemble of ‘War Z’ makes for a blockbuster right? Until I come to the ending of the film Cell with its dark revelation of the future minus one crucial PLOT. Where the heck is the plot of the film? Who’s the mastermind behind the signal? Terrorist attack? Or did cellphone computer central suddenly went AI? Doesn’t make any sense. It’s like Cell’s writer was trying to be clever and forgot what he was rooting for.

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