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[ACTION REQUIRED + A LOVE LETTER] Today is the LAST DAY our new 12

[ACTION REQUIRED + A LOVE LETTER] Today is the LAST DAY our new 12 Posted on November 5, 2016Leave a comment

[ACTION REQUIRED + A LOVE LETTER] Today is the LAST DAY our new 12-week foundational strength program, Bedrock Strength, is going to be available for $29 dollars and I gotta tell you, I’m so, SO thrilled about it (, but mayyyyybe not for the reasons you think. Yes, it is a super fun and very effective program that will improve your strength in every direction and all the ways. But this is *also* why I’m really proud of it:
Thanks to the seriously hard work Martin Rittenberry put into the overall design of the project, this program not only looks beautiful it is exceptionally user friendly. The neatly organized Exercise Video Library? Martin. The “Click for Video Demo” links in the Exercise Glossary? Martin again. Every single photo in the User Manual and photos posted on social media? Yep, that’s Martin, too.
He was in this project in a million other ways too (right down to the FONT we used, which I actually love), so when you’re easily viewing the program on your phone in the gym and know exactly what to do because you’ve got these helpful aids at your fingertips, you have him to thank for that.
Kate Gallagher’s eagle eyes were on every bit of copy in the User Manual and Exercise Glossary to make sure no errors were made and the layout and directions made sense. She was also key in organizing video shoots so when you read the User Manual in one sitting like it’s a great story, or see me demo-ing an exercise with great form and my shirt tucked in, you have her to thank for that.
A program with biofeedback, our intuitive training protocol, wouldn’t be the same without the expertise of David Dellanave so his input in the User Manual was invaluable. He’s also the genius behind the construction of the Bedrock sales page so when you actually BUY Bedrock, you have him to thank for that.
But not one bit of this wonderful program would be here without the passion and drive of Jen Sinkler. Her motto is “Let’s surprise and delight them all!” and she is the reason our little company a joy to be a part of. I have her to thank for that everyday.
I’m so proud of this program and dammmmmn lucky to be part of the team behind it. We hope you love it!

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